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Selling on amazon successfuly without advanced tools- yes it is possible!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Whenever you hear of a successful Amazon entrepreneur, you al

so hear - I used Helium 10, Viral load, sellerize and so on. Needless to say, these tools are amazing!


When you are starting out, you can't have every tool on earth. But, you still need to be competitive. That is hard but possible. Feels like David and Goliath, right? You can be the best David out there. Small sellers can make it big. Here is what we can learn from their journeys..

#1 Tell a gooood story

Be authentic with your story... Here is a great example, Blk & Bold, a coffee company. They do something interesting. Their mission and story is powerful. Their product is a vehicle that

stands true to their mission.

Talking about your product, product, product.. My product is this and it is that. But, why did you even create this?

Even if its a simple product like a comb. What if you said it reminded you of how your mother did your hair before school everyday and said you were beautiful no matter what. It makes you feel differently about the comb.

Start with a why? Become memorable with your customers. Have a strong brand story. Period.

#2 Leverage the Amazon Small Business Academy network

No matter how hard Amazon sounds. Have someone like Dory in Finding Nemo to believe in your mission no matter what. Then, there is no sea you can't conquer.

Find people who are invested in your success. Here is a free resource to start - or sign up for a free call with us!

Just find your community, ask questions and learn. No matter where you are in your journey. Many entrepreuneurs find themselves alone sometimes. Not anymore with tools like these around.

Cracking Amazon is hard. But, definitely worth it. A few years ago, imagine how much you would have done to get millions of people to merely glance at your product. Now, you can do this using Amazon just by tweaking your listing.

#3 Leverage e-mail marketing and social media to drive traffic into Amazon. Amazon loves this!

Speaking of e-mail marketing, most sellers send out promotional discounts to their subscribers around Prime day. But, you could think different. Some suggestions:

  • Send out discounts beforehand. So, customers learn to love your product before the big sale day eg: Black Friday.

  • Cute stuff like an extra gift or a promo code in the product insert when they buy a product. or a free product or a gift card

  • Promotions and discounts are good. But, it gets boring after a while. So, give your customers value. For eg: if you sell coffee. It could be something like this -- roasting coffee beans increases a certain carcinogen. We've made sure our coffee beans are free from this. This builds trust and authority. Share anything new you have learnt about coffee!

Be true to your why and your mission!

Finally, all the above strategies can be DIY totally. But if you ever need someone to:

  • Do this. Meaning, execute the e-mail marketing

  • Do this in the right order of priority and

  • Do this at the right time for each product,

  • Do this for each campaign.

  • Do this regularly since customer preferences keep changing

We would so love to step in to your world.

Get in touch at

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