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Free Facebook Ad strategies that agencies charge for insanely!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Hi everyone!

When we speak to small businesses, we do see so many shying away from spending on 'advice' i.e., 'To do' or 'not to do' Facebook ads. So, our way of supporting small businesses is to give this advice for free. So, if you are a small business, you can make an informed decision.

We want to do this to celebrate a small milestone!

My brother and I started pen and paper as a small fun project. This month, we were excited to announce have so many new offers for optimizing listings for Amazon and creating Facebook ad campaigns. Our value-adding cold e-mails and basically, just asking people if they need help has done us wonders. A big thank you!

Alright, so let's get started on Facebook Ad strategies!

#1 Build a strong brand. How?

If you are starting out, you cannot build a strong brand like Nike overnight. We see people using their Ad spend on Facebook brand awareness campaigns and seeing no results.

Here is a better way. Let us imagine you are an e-commerce seller who has 5 customers. Not fantastic. But, if your product is great and you delivered a memorable customer experience, customers will definitely talk about it.

Now, a person who has heard good stuff from an actual user/sees good reviews AND sees the ad is more likely to buy. So, it results in more conversions.

However, the more often we see an ad from the brand, we psychologically feel that we know the brand. Even though, we have never bought from them. So, imagine you are a pizza place. People who have seen your ad are likely to keep you in mind when they think of pizza.

The question is, how do you get that first customer. The simplest answer is do something like a discovery campaign, give the first few pieces for free in exchange for feedback or testimonials. Build that trust. Deliver great customer experiences. That trust is the foundation of your brand-building journey.

For product-based businesses starting out, irresistible offers and word-of-mouth will do the trick until you hit your first 100 reviews.

#2 Stretch your time-horizon

Many entrepreneurs are disappointed when they analyze ads and see let's say 99,000 impressions. But, 0 purchases. The reason could be your customers need to see your ad over a period of time. When they see your 'memorable' ad at regular intervals, they feel like they know your brand. Then, they finally decide to buy from you.

We tend to think campaigns have failed if they don't convert immediately. Immediate conversions often don't work for complex products. eg: you convert really well if you are selling a ball for your pet to play with 'Vs' selling a slow-moving electronics eg: refrigerators that are not bought frequently.

Another good example is if you are selling expert consultancy services in complex industries eg: in developing medical devices, you cannot expect immediate returns on your ad spend. Since, this can be a make or break decision for the customer. Several people need to make this choice in a B2B business. This means the buyer's journey is longer. Typically, 1 year atleast. Especially, if it is a cold audience. Remember, advertising is not a magic pill that helps with selling a slow-moving product faster. But, with time, conversions roll in!

For some business areas, ads released over a period of time have a combined effect in the end. eg: the expert consultancy business mentioned earlier. Whereas, some products eg: BBQ grills see bursts of sales during summer.

Don't be disappointed. Just test something else. That is what advertising is all about!

#3 Budget more for your Ad creatives

Here is something that happens too often. Most of the money goes into the campaign itself. But, not into the quality of your Ads - the creative storytelling that gets you the sale.

So, don't give all your money to Facebook or LinkedIn. Give some to your creative agency. Because a poor ad isn't going to get conversions no matter how much you sponsor it. A good example, recording a colleague in a poorly-lit area or using low-quality images isn't going to engage audiences as much even if you pay for it to be shown. Only your near and dear ones are going to end up watching it. And, that isn't the intent. So, make it interesting for the masses to watch!

We totally get it if your budget is tight, try using AI tools like Midjourney to create eye-popping images or design tools like Canva, they are free (for now atleast!) to showcase your product well. It makes a huuuge difference!

#4 Don't spend too much time finding the 'perfect audience'

The word for 'perfect audience' in the ad world is 'targeting'. So much time goes into segmeting your sub-group. The age group, and so on. Finding your perfect customer who will buy from you. That is great! But, overdoing this can be a problem.

Don't forget new customers also come in through word of mouth, and being a little broad is okay. Just don't make the mistake of manually selecting smaller and irrelevant audiences. If you haven't done that you are good.

Instagram and Facebook have powerful algorithms. When you create ads the right way, your ads will be shown to the right audience. And, if the algorithm thinks your ads are relevant for an audience, facebook even subsidizes the amount you spend on the ad.

#5 The quality of advertising and the product. BOTH contribute to conversions.

You are convinced that you need an Ad strategy to get yourself in front of your clients. But, you aren't sure your customers like it. Great ads and hype aren't going to sell a bad product. Even Google couldn't succeed with a bad product. That is why you do not want to be another Google glass or a cheetos-flavored lip balm.

When you see a product's sales exploding through Facebook Ads. It is not only because the ad is great. It is also because the product lives up to what the ad shows.

Simply put, a great ad with a bad product doesn't get you the customers. The product has a huge role to play. Offer something so good, your customers will remember and talk about it. You are not just selling a product, you are creating customer experiences.

#6 Study your competitors. Understand WHY successful ads are working

This is our favorite thing to do. We always believe in know thy enemy and know them closely. We create successful ads because most of our time goes into doing the research of what's working and what's not.

Meaning, we analyze deeply what can we model from successful ad campaigns to create better campaigns. Along the way, we figure things that we can do that our competitors haven't even thought of.

So, those were our strategies. Based on these, our best performing client has seen a 650% increase in overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We hope you can too!

Need a hand or have questions, you can always reach us at

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