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AMAZON Prime DAY-strategies to sell big on this (your) big day! :D

We all want to be top-figure sellers. But, it takes time, money and a hell lot of analysis. But, what if you don't have the time to download and power through the data-heavy Amazon's sponsored Ad reports. Sometimes, this even makes you sooo afraid of running your own Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. If you are here, we can do the heavy-lifting - the analysis, and all the experimenting :)

But, if you are just starting out on a super-limited budget and can't work with us. We can still help. Here is some advice straight out of of our strategy calls for free. You chose to get through the first four lines. So, this article is on us. So, read on and fingers crossed for your mighty sales..Here we go..

Strategy #1 - Know thy enemy

This means, know whick keywords your competitors were ranking for. Go into Brand Analytics Search, punch in your top competitors' ASINs.

By doing this, you literally cast a net to find all the keywords that helped your competitors or your product with the most sales on PRIME WEEK last year. Both organically and in Sponsored Ads on average for the full week.

Note these keywords down and add them to your listing. Boost your organic ranking!

Strategy #2 - Analyze Amazon's sales reports to keep track of Ad Spend

Remember.. you can't see sales reports from last year's prime day now on seller central. Since, you can only see stuff from a few months ago. So, download it right away!

Prime day is a time where customers flock to Amazon. So, going beyond budget is damn normal. Especially, if your campaign is already profitable.

Go into budget rules to increase/decrease budgets on each campaign. You can choose a higher budget on a day you expect more sales eg: a holiday, or Prime day for example.

Strategy #3 Get into Sherlock mode - Where/why/how did my competitors get sales?

No matter which keyword research tool you use, find all the keywords from last year's Prime Day.

Rank high for these keywords. This does not happen overnight. Especially, if your current organic ranking isn't great. So, start a few months ahead of Prime Day.

This part is our favourite. It takes some experimentation and where we've helped most budding Amazon entrepreneurs.

Ensure your listing is showing up at top of search for these keywords. This is a process and needs to be optimized.

Strategy #4 Look into the crystal ball - Predict your competitor's pricing strategy

Use tools like helium 10 to look into what your competitor's price was during Prime month or week. Did a price drop translate to sales or clicks. Get some insights and price your product accordingly. Not too high or too low. Use the pricing tactics we discussed earlier.

If you have a 10% off and your ompetitors have a 40% off, you know customers are going to flock towards the discount. Cause that's why they are shopping on Prime Day.

Strategy #5 Don't forget to check Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for the main keywords

Amazon entrepreuneurs often forget to check if their CPCs increased during Prime Day. If CPC increases, this could mean that you lost keyword ranking.

To fix this problem, you do a little research on what your CPC was on Prime day vs other days. If it was lets say 10% higher on Prime Day, don't forget to raise your CPC bids this year to keep your rank.

Bonus tip: Bids are expensive on the hot days eg: Prime day etc., so remember to optimize your listing so your organic ranking for the most important keywords is high.

Strategy #6 Use all of Amazon's tools to your advantage

Use all of Amazon's features that help convert your listing. This includes working on killer A+ content and Premium A+ content. You could also use Amazon live, posts etc.,

If you can also apply for things like lightning deals, deal of the day and featured deals. Or, even badges like Amazon's choice.

We can't say for sure this guarantees sales. But, definitely higher click-through rates. Combined with a good discount or a deal, you sell and also get the brand recognition you deserve.

Finally, here is a little 'Action list'. So, you take action.

What good is reading if you take no action?

Action #1: Find the important sales-inducing keywords down and add them to your listing. Boost your organic ranking!

Action #2: Figure out which keywords/other strategies eg: pricing strategy, discounts your competitors used to get sales.

Action #3: Adjust your CPC budget to maintain your ranking on Prime Day.

Action #4: Based on Action #3 re-adjust your pricing and discounts. Keep your campaigns competitive.

Action #5: Sometimes, you just can't compete with pricing and discounts. So, use your A+ brand content to the bestest to stand-out.

If you can't get your organic ranking high enough. Perhaps, try to be a comparison product on your competitor's listing. At the bottom or on the side. Push your way in through other better selling products. Your product will get noticed!

Keep playing the game and never quit. You got this!

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