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Tips on Optimizing amazon listings for customer insights.

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

We see most sellers optimizing for the Amazon algorithm - keywords, long-tail, core keywords blah.. But, not for customer insights.

We often forget.. its the customer buying the product and not the algorithm.

So, often times we see sellers stuff keywords into the title. We get it. You want to rank organically. But, not to the point it confuses customers. A good example, bag with compartments for laptops. So, the customers think is it not for the shoes?

When you do this, they may quickly jump to another product/listing.

To keep the customer's attention, it is vital to go into customers insights both from your listing and your competitors to laser-focus on exactly what they are looking for.

Them, mention that clearly in the beginning of the listing.

Key-take away:

Ranking is for gaining visibility. This is a great first step. But, getting the sale is optimizing your listing for customer preferences.

Now your customer's in. The next big decision in their head is the price.

Tips on Pricing Strategy

New sellers often start by pricing low. This may not work. Since, this is how customers think.

Price below market average - not good enough

Price way above market average - what is the premium feature?

They almost feel cheated if you charge a premium price without a premium feature.

So, here is what works...

People preferred higher prices + a discount. But, not the lower priced non-discounted ones. This is exactly the same product. This made me go like whaaaat?? But then.. its human perception.

Key takeaway:

Nearly 80% customers are drawn to the discounts. So, use the strike feature to create the perception of a discount rather than a lower priced non-discoount.

Are reviews everything?

Yes, your listing is ranking. Or you have sponsored it. Sometimes, even if you rank. your sales don't move because of less reviews. Customers don't trust it.

Some common metrics:

Less than 1000 reviews - Not trustworthy

Less than 4.5 stars - Not trustworthy

So, if you are in a product niche where people make purchase decisions a lot based on reviews, you need to devise a review strategy. Here is what you could do..

-Use some of Amazon's programs -

- Launch a review campaign. Gi

When do badges - Amazon's choice, Best Seller etc., impact sales?

Experts say that when customers see these badges in the first 5-10 listings, they select them. This leads to higher click-trough rates. But, this does not necessarily translate to sales.

Key takeaway:

You can have an amazon badge that says 'Amazon's Choice' or whatever.

This means Higher Click-Through Rates (CTRs). But, does that mean a sale. No.

Amazon titles - the customer's journey

New brand? drop the brand name from your titles.

One of our listings had a 70% increase in sales just by changing the title. And, the surprising part, we did not touch the keywords. This was so strange even to us! We built our business drilling our heads with keyword research. That is when we realized nuances matter!

We re-structured it, made it shorter and removed the brand name. USP in the beginning. Put that into the front. We removed the brand name.

Don't add the brand name if you don't have brand recognition. And yes, Amazon won't suspend it. Sometimes, Amazon removes the brand name.

Nevertheless, remember to split test it using manager experiments. If it is approved. You are goood!

Chop-off the long titles

Buyers aren't attracted to long titles. Even though, it is good for ranking. Highlight the features.

Now, if you have been there and done that.. But still aren't able to beat the competition with keywords, pricing, reviews or badges, you need one thing...

Just stand-out

Have a brand story. Have eye-popping images. Happy people that touch and feel your product looking straight into your customer's eyes. If you can't hire an agency, take a photo in good lighting and Use Canva to add a white background. Use AI tools like midjourney to create images that go with your brand message.

ncorporate the customer feedback that your mighty-seller competitor won't even pay attention to. That is where you can win. You got this!

We love experimenting using Amazon's manager experiments. If you'd like us to play around and figure out what's right for your product, just let us know at

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