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30-second strategies from real amazon sellers like you!

Here are our notes from studying real amazon sellers and what worked for them. So, you can try them out too for your business.

You can learn each strategy in max. 30 seconds.

Strategy #1 Outsource and automate what you can

You want to but you can't do everything. You'll end up missing something. So, get some extra help where you absolutely need to. More on that later.

Especially, if you are a one-person army kind of a business. Go with the 80-20 rule. Focus your time on the most important 20% things that will grow your business the most!

You know best what that is. It could be your product, your customers, your margins etc.,

Strategy #2 Sourcing goods at good prices

Sourcing has become synonymous with Ali Baba. But, we have noticed that it is cheaper to source from their Chinese website 1688.

So, for your product, you can always head there and do a comparison. Point cheaper alternatives to your current suppliers to negotiate better.

Strategy #3 Re-calculating your margins regularly

Take for example, the cost of logistics, they keep shifting. You need to keep a check so you don't lose too much money. Some sellers recommend re-calculating your logistics cost since they keep moving.

Another big mistake is setting up Price-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns you cannot afford. It is surprising to see how many sellers do not know how many units they need to sell to break-even. They forget to calculate shipping or a new computer they bought.

If this goes on, things can turn ugly pretty soon. So, go ahead and hire an accounting agency. Know your money-in and money-out thoroughly.

Strategy #4 Don't force-feed your listing with keywords

Often times, it is assumed that if you don't put in all the keywords, you cannot rank organically. But, that does not mean you'll need to add every keyword under the sun. Sometimes, it confuses customers.

Keyword research needs to be done to identify which are those 'core keywords' that customers look for, that lead to a sale and Amazon ranks you for. So, your listing looks clean like it is from a serious business.

Finding this perfect keyword combination takes time, skill and a good toolbox. With some help from us, you can crack this code.

Strategy #5 Getting enough 5-star reviews

A few of these would be keeping whatever little customers you have happy. Getting those 5-star reviews. Getting more people to give you 5-stars.

Like we've said in our articles, things as small as little product inserts, thank you notes and an extended warranty can go a long way.

Also, sometimes keeping the product price just a bit low until you get enough reviews works. But, not too low that they assume you are selling a low-quality product. So, one good way is to have a strikethrough on the original price and a discounted rate until you get you first 100 5 star reviews.

Strategy #6 Try day-parting - it works!

Test out which part of the day helps you see the most sales. Sometimes, your ad spending doesn't justify your sales numbers.

During the non-peak hours, you can add low bids as low as 20 cents to try and easily convert those customers.

Your ad spend is like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. The only difference, it makes you 'visible' at the right time. So, Use it well.

Strategy #7 Leverage A+ content for important keywords

Go all in on good images and your product's brand story. But, also fill in those core converting keywords. Seeing the sales numbers, we can confidently say it makes a huge difference.

Strategy #8 Leverage your Q&A section to add more keywords

Create more buzz about your product. You can hire us to add thoughtful questions for you. This creates a way to add more important keywords to a place outside the listing where there are no character limitations.

And, you can also deep dive into what customers are looking for eg: if we identify during our customer review analysis that customers frequently ask if your lactose-free protein powder has vitamin D. Adding the fact that it has Vitamin D on the packaging, in the listing or the images will drive the buy.

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